Deborah Cogley Art


Deborah is a self taught contemporary/ abstract artist working in acrylics and oils. She lives in Dublin with her husband, daughter and dog. She loves colour and her pieces are all a reflection of the vibrancy of everyday life. As a child Deborah was always drawing and painting but that passion took a back seat as she grew up and chased other dreams. Deborah started painting again after becoming ill in 2016. She asked herself what was it she really wanted to do with her life and the answer came like lightning - she wanted to laugh and enjoy her time with the people she loves and she wanted to paint every day. Her pieces are a reflection of the joy of being alive and the vibrancy and richness of that gift. 

There are lots of hidden messages in her pieces but the most striking one is to have fun and enjoy the every day moments. 

She lives close to the beach and loves capturing the colours and sense of freedom of the great outdoors.